Wait for her

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Wait for her with an azure cup.

Wait for her in the evening at the spring, among perfumed roses.

Wait for her with the patience of a horse trained for mountains.

Wait for her with the distinctive, aesthetic taste of a prince.

Wait for her with the seven pillows of cloud.

Wait for her with strands of womanly incense wafting.

Wait for her with the manly scent of sandalwood on horseback.

Wait for her and do not rush.

If she arrives late, wait for her.

If she arrives early, wait for her.

Do not frighten the birds in her braided hair.

Take her to the balcony to watch the moon drowning in milk.

Wait for her and offer her water before wine.

Do not glance at the twin partridges sleeping on her chest.

Wait and gently touch her hand as she sets a cup on marble.

As if you are carrying the dew for her, wait.

Speak to her as a flute would to a frightened violin string,

As if you knew what tomorrow would bring.

Wait, and polish the night for her ring by ring.

Wait for her until the night speaks to you thus:

There is no one alive but the two of you.

So take her gently to the death you so desire,

and wait.

Mahmoud Darwish

罗杰水的wait for her,词是诗人mahmoud的lesson from the kama sutra。他的诗真是又悲伤又美丽,又发现了宝藏! 只不过读起来有点丧

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